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Machinery for pre-taped masking film

auto masking machine




  • Easy to operate
  • The twin shaft rewind system allows for high efficiency and productivity.
  • The unique compressed air unwind system, allows for easy unloading of the finished product, increasing operators production output.
  • Training and technical support for the above machine can be provided
auto masking machine
Specification Contents Remark
Size 1400 * 700 * 1000 (L * W * H)
Motor A/C 1/4 Brake Motors
Motor speed Inverter motor, adjustable
Power Brakes
Maximum production capacity 20M criteria 200 rolls per hour
coiling roller By pneumatic Adoption of ball bearings, fasteners
Apply size 500mm(Dia) * 350mm(W)
Pneumatic Max. 3kg.f/cm2
Power 220V