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Thank you for visiting the website of Green Industrial Co., Ltd.

Green Industrial Co Ltd. focuses on the production of Pre-taped HDPE masking film for the automotive industry, and for general Painting and decorating.

We are recognized as the leading company in the Korean domestic market with our superior quality and competitive pricing, given us a leading edge in this Industry.

Through continuous research and development, we have patented our unique pre-taping masking film machine, and patents for 5 other Models.

Due to our High standards and Quality products, we have been continuously expanding our export market to Countries such as, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, China, and other Asian markets.

In order to gain your confidence, our entire staff is trained to produce products that are to European standards and quality, and we Endeavour to maintain competitive pricing, and develop, through market research new products for the automotive industry.

We will at all times work towards a mutual relationship, which will enhance not only our own company, but also that of our customers,

We look forward to being of assistance to you.


  • CEO Mr. Un-Gyu Jang
    Green Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Un-Gyu Jang