Green Industrial


1997. 08 Establishment of Green Industry and Manufacturing and sales of Pre-taped masking film
2001. 05 Manufacturing of HDPE film for Pre-taped masking film
2003. 02 Expansion and the relocation of the plant to Jinae-dong, Gimhae, Korea
2003. 03 Korean Registration of utility model for Pre-taped masking film Machine,
2003. 04 Korean Registration for Pre-folded Masking film machine for the application of masking tape
2003. 08 Korean Registration for automotive HDPE disposable car cover.
2004. 01 Korean Registration for disposable protective cover for motorbike
2004. 04 Execution of license for industrial property right with the 3M Company in Korea
2004. 05 Korean Registration for rewind mechanism for manufacturing pre-taped masking film
2004. 11 Korean Registration of patent for masking tape application machine.
2006. 09 Extension and relocation of the plant to Daeju-dong, Busan, Korea
2006. 11 Registration as a venture company
2007. 09 Manufacturing of Pre-folded masking film
2009. 09 Expansion and relocation of the plant to Sangdong-myeon, Gimhae Korea
2010. 10 Registration of the legal entity, of Green Industrial Co., Ltd.
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