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HDPE Pre folded Masking film

pre-folded masking film




  • HDPE film in the pre- folded form, for ease of use when applying the masking tape.
  • The corona treated film allows for surface static adhesion,
  • Material : HDPE
  • Color : White, Blue, Yellow Green, Beige
  • Standards : 450mm ~ 2700mm
  • Basic standards
pre-folded masking film
Basic standards
0.009㎜×450㎜×1600m per Roll
0.009㎜×650㎜×1600m per Roll
0.009㎜×900㎜×1600m per Roll
0.009㎜×1500㎜×1600m per Roll
0.009㎜×2000㎜×1200m per Roll
0.009㎜×2400㎜×900m per Roll
0.009㎜×2700㎜×900m per Roll